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Two new modules: Audio Interface II and the µMod II

Audio-Interface-II-web uMod-II-WEB
Audio Interface II
:  Balanced pro line level (+4dBu)  inputs and outputs to Eurorack.  Connect external FX, Drum Machines, Samplers, DAW etc.

µMod II:  Ring modulator and analog logic module.
Great for audio and CV mangling.


Both available now!











Intellijel Atlantis featured in Electronic Musician magazine March 2014 issue.

EM March 2014 Mod Squad Atlantis review

The Intellijel Atlantis  featured in the March 2014 issue of @EM_Magazine
Big thanks to @ginorobair for his excellent Mod Squad series of articles and support to the Eurorack Modular community


Intellijel Atlantis demo video

Long general overview video of the Atlantis – subtractive synth voice
Recorded 100% dry with zero effects or post processing. Just the raw sound of the Atlantis!


Intellijel Atlantis – Dual Oscillator Subtractive Voice Module



After more than three years of developing and tweaking the fundamental synthesis blocks needed we are very pleased to present the Intellijel Atlantis – a fully patchable dual oscillator analog subtractive synth voice in Eurorack format.

More details here